My name is Max Bretschneider and I work in theatre, film and radio.
I develop my acting through self-reflection combined with contemplation of my character, the story we are telling and its context. I see myself as one part of a whole, working collaboratively with other artists, including the director, the stage, costume and lighting designers, the camera and makeup artists, the dramaturge, and the script itself. Sometimes my approach is expressionistic; at other times, realistic. Sometimes I meet the conflict head on, or I consider how best to translate my interpretation for the present moment and circumstances.
I believe that acting should be utopic and brave, as well as modest, unconventional and uncomplicated. My goal is always to reach a point of trust, in which I transcend self-judgement, while maintaining respect for myself, my colleagues, and the story. I believe that my work is only as good as what I am able to develop alongside my fellow artists.
I see the work of the actor as the work of an artist, exploring how we keep our humanity within the circumstances of our lives.

You think you are tough? Art is stronger than you ✨